Monday, August 12, 2013

Kabir Gets the US Visa!

My grandson Kabir was on his first trip to Chennai recently to attend his US Visa interview along with his mother and father. As the Shatabdi Express moved out of Bangalore City Station Kabir was in his high spirits. He got a good company of young girls during his journey. They gathered around him putting all sorts of questions to him and offering him goodies. Kabir went on replying their questions in his own style using monosyllables. It appeared as if he was preparing himself for the Visa interview!

Kabir attended the interview at the US Visa Office in Chennai on the next day. He was allowed to jump the queue ahead of even senior citizens! He spoke to several of them in his typical style. Finally he was called inside for the interview. The following was the interview held by the US Visa Official (VO) with Kabir:

VO: So you are Kabir and you want to visit US?
Kabir: Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeah!
VO: What is your purpose of visit?
Kabir: Blah Blah Blah…….
VO: You have the necessary funds?
Kabir: Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeah!
VO: You are through. You will get the Visa by courier.
Kabir: Brum! Brum! Brum!
Kabir was back in Bangalore after two days. The above photograph shows him relaxing at home after successfully tackling his first interview.
A V Krishnamurthy

12th August 2013


Narain said...

A very hearty welcomes awaits Chi Kabir at US. His father was recently here at SFO, perhaps making the infrastructural arrangements for his comfortable stay here.

justin albert said...

I read your whole blog. Your work is really good and inspirable .Thanks for sharing.

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AVK Murthy said...

Thank you Justin