Friday, June 21, 2013

Kabir & His Mummy!

(My grandson Kabir completed six months on 8th June. He visited us on the occasion with his father and mother. At this stage of life the whole world of the child revolves around its beloved mother. Whenever it is with somebody else, its only effort is to get back to its mother as early as possible. The child keeps smiling. But its response to all other diversions is ultimately aimed in one direction - to be at the safe bosoms of its dear mother!  Our Kabir is no exception to the rule! His typical response and expressions to my actions as I carried him around the house proved it)

Kabir & His Mummy!

I am your Grandfather
I mean your dad’s father
I love you granddad
But where is my Mummy?

She is your grandmother
I mean your dad’s mother
I love my grandma
But where is my Mummy?

This is your uncle
His name is Kiran
I love you uncle
But where is my Mummy?

This is your aunty
Her name is Swathy
I love you aunty
But where is my Mummy?

This is our house garden
See the plants and flowers
They are quite beautiful
But where is my Mummy?

This is our pet dog
His name is Milo
Milo looks very smart
But where is my Mummy?

This is our pet cat
His name is Beera
Beera is so cute
But where is my Mummy?

That is your mother
Her name is Swathi
Oh! My dear mother
I found you at last!

--A V Krishnamurthy
11th June 2013


Narain said...

Who else except my dear AVK can decipher the mind of an infant so beautifully? Set to sweet rhythm, this poem bubbles with life and its myriad secrets!1

Gururaj said...

Simply great..even kabir would like this poem ...

psvasan said...

True. Mummy first..then everything else. Nice poem

AVK Murthy said...

Thanks to NN, Gururaj & Ps Poti

ashwini said...

I enjoyed fully this beautiful poem..!!

AVK Murthy said...

Thank you Ashu

gopalan parthasarathy said...

Beautiful. Soulful, AVK

AVK Murthy said...

Thank you GP