Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Unborn Daughter

The sun was rising in the east
The birds were singing so cute
The mind was thinking very fast
And then came your thought!

We had a gentle neighbour
He had a beautiful daughter
She was so smart and lovely
We wished to see her daily!

Her eyes always twinkling
Her moves, we had no inkling
Whenever we saw her entering
Our heart beats started jumping!

She had such a sweet name
All others looked so tame!
She looked such a great beauty
Her parents had named her Sweetie!

We then made a prayer
Oh! Let us have one such daughter!
She would have all our affection
We would bring her up with such perfection!

Years went fast
The life went on
Our prayers unanswered
The wishes unfulfilled!

Today in the evening of our life
We look back to find something missing
Oh! Our unborn daughter!
You remain always our little darling!


ashwini said...

Sir, The poems-The monsoon arrives and The unborn daughter are so moving,really enjoyed reading them.

AVK Murthy said...

Thank you Ashu.