Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Don’t Know, Son! - 70

The Twitter-Tweeter Mix-Up!
Son: The investor community is a crazy lot even in a developed country like the US, dad.
Father: How come? Go on son.
Son: The news of the social media site Twitter launching its IPO shortly has created a sensation and excitement across the world financial markets, dad.
Father: True. Go on, son.
Son: The investors mistook the long-dead electronics retailer Tweeter for the social website (Twitter) and placed huge buy orders on the scrip sending the same up by over 1,000 percent on 4th October 2013, dad!
Father: Interesting! Go on, son.
Son: The Tweeter Home Entertainment Group (Tweeter), a specialty consumer electronics company, had filed for bankruptcy in 2007, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
The Victim or the Thief!
Son: Bangalore Mirror has reported a case of a victim turning out as a thief, dad.
Father: Interesting. Go on, son.
Son: A techie in Bangalore had filed a police complaint on May 2013 that his Rs6.5-lakh car Tata Manza had been stolen, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: After more than five months in September a cop with the Kalasipalayam station spotted the stolen car and arrested the driver (thief) and brought him to the station, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: To their shock and surprise, the police then found that the ‘thief’ was in fact the techie himself who had filed the complaint, dad!
Father: Interesting. Go on, son.
Son: What happened actually was that the car had been parked by the techie at the house of his in-laws and had been taken away by loan sharks who had financed the bankrupt in-laws, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: The techie came to know about it after filing the complaint and got it released by paying Rs5 lakh to the loan sharks, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: But he did not inform the police as he wanted to get the insurance claim as well, dad!
Father: Go on, Son.
Son: The techie’s brilliant idea to ‘have the cake and eat it too’ ended with his arrest, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
Kingfisher’s Desperate Efforts!
Son: The management of the defunct Kingfisher Airlines is said to be desperately negotiating with private equity funds for raising money, dad.
Father: Is it for revival of the airline? Appears too late. Go on, son.
Son: Not exactly, dad.
Father: Then it must be for the payment of salaries to employees in view of the ensuing festival season. Go on, son.
Son: You are wrong again, dad.
Father: Then what? Go on, son.
Son: The airline wants to start shooting for its famous Kingfisher Calendar for 2014, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
It’s Ok if you don’t repay Loans!
Son: The Congress Chief G Parameshwara has said that it’s OK if the minorities do not pay back the loans taken from the Karnataka Minority Development Corporation, dad.
Father: Ridiculous! Go on, son.
Son: The Congress Chief was a serious contender for the post of Chief Minister. But lost the race to Siddaramaiah (Siddu), dad.
Father: True. Go on, son.
Son: When the reporters raised the issue with the Congress spokesperson in Delhi, he was said to be unperturbed, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: He seems to have told them coolly that they could now understand why the Congress Chief lost the race to CM’s post, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
A V Krishnamurthy

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