Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sridhar – The Mystery Man

He is a man with a ‘contrast’
Certainly difficult to predict
No assessment of him is right
If you try, I pity your plight!

His life-partner is a musician
His only daughter is a statistician
He is a veteran Bangalorean
What more one needs for satisfaction?

Belongs to the school of Ramanuja
But talks the philosophy of Sankara
One day he is at Srirangam
Next time he is at Sringeri!

He was born in Malleshwaram
His E-mail address is Mandyam!
Had his graduation in science
Chose a career in commerce!

Began his career in a bank
Was quite happy to be frank
Everything appeared to be just right
With a family so compact!

The career looked quite bright
He got his promotion all right
He even served in a village
It gave his career some mileage!

He was posted to Belgaum
Worked there for sometime
But soon he got so fed up
He just decided to wind up!

It appears he had some tension
He simply opted for pension
It was a sudden decision
With really no intention!

He developed skills in computer
Joined ISKCON at Rajajinagar
Handling accounts was easy
Things appeared to be rosy!

It was time to move again
Software appeared to be fine
He opted for the domain
But soon decided to resign!

Now he joined the ‘Ascent’
The move appeared decent
Working for a NGO was fine
But soon spirits began to wane!

He then tried to be different
And forayed into audit
Indeed he had some interest
But the end was equally abrupt!

Next in line was investment
Joined the field as consultant
Earnings here appeared decent
And there was no dull moment!

It was time to move again
Office in Malleswaram was fine
The company was Informatics India
Appeared to be a good idea!

He began it as part time
Then shifted to full time
Work was to sit with a magazine
Go through it again and again!

Finally he was at peace
Still he wanted some solace
One day he was near Tunga
Next time he was near Ganga!

It looked he would be a saint
At Rishikesh he lived in a tent
Came back after a fortnight
And made his colleagues faint!

Expecting him in saffron
They planned to make some fun
But finding him in a black T-shirt
They had their mouths fully shut!

Hats off to this gentleman
Nobody knows his next plan
His life is shrouded in mystery
If you go through his past history!
- A V Krishnamurthy
11th December 2009

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