Friday, April 12, 2013

Kabir Rolls over!

The Yugadi is here again
The start of the New Year
This time it is very special
With our grandson Kabir!

Kabir appears quite smart
He creates a lot of suspense
He was due for his rollover
But kept it postponing so far!

It appears he had his own ideas
He liked to do it on his terms!
Wanted to have his new garments
As presents from his grandparents!

Along with grandmother and mummy
He went to the store Mom & Me!
He saw them buying two dresses
And  rolled over on his tummy!

It was the time for celebration
His mum’s family came rushing!
They wanted another rollover
Kabir did not disappoint them either!

It was the time for Kaaju Barfi
With the traditional Payasam
This Yugadi is memorable
Thanks to our grandson Kabir!
       --------A V Krishnamurthy
                  11th April 2013


Surinder Kaur said...

kabir seems to be very intelligent and cute...liked his rolls over for his grand parents.... :)

AVK Murthy said...

Thank you Surinder