Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Arrival of our First Grandson!

The day was December eight
Our grandson saw the daylight
Thus ended of our long wait
In the evening before the sunset!

The place was Shanthi hospital
Very close to the Metro rail
Near the Laxman Rao Park
The extension called Jayanagar

There was a small dispute
Nobody knew who was right!
Did he look like his father?
Or like his beloved mother?

There were some arguments
The settlement was not in sight
But they agreed on one aspect
The boy was cute and sweet!

Our grandson was unconcerned
He was in his own world!
It was a world of dreams
Detached from current affairs!

Perhaps he knew it all
He showed it in his smile!
For him there was no conflict
Nothing like wrong or right!

He says he is like his father
And smiles like his mother!
For him both are very dear
And he is rightly named Kabir!

--A V Krishnamurthy
27th January 2013


Narain said...

Sathamanam Bhavathi! Long live the greatest divine poet of an illustrious writer-grandfather!!

Rekha said...

Congrats sir to u and ur family for having blessed with grandson. May he become a poet like great Kabir as he is named to carry the literary legacy of his granddad.

AVK Murthy said...

Thanks to NN and Rekha

Preeti said...

Very nicely written to commemorate arrival of Kabir :) Congratulations chikkappa and family.

Lavanya said...

Too good :-)

AVK Murthy said...

Thanks Preeti & Lavanya