Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Don’t Know, Son!-19

Retirement from What?
Son: Former Indian Cricketer Vinod Kambli has announced his retirement from cricket, dad!
Father: How come, son? As far as I know he had stopped playing long back.
Son: He had been dropped from the Indian team from all forms of cricket. His attempts to rehabilitate himself through IPL had also come unstuck, dad.
Father: True. Go on, son. He is retiring from what now?
Son: When asked to clarify, Kambli has simply stated that he is retiring from ‘all forms of cricket’, dad!
Father: Interesting. Go on, son.
Son: Asked specifically whether he was referring to his playing of cricket with his son at home, Kambli stated that the same had been excluded, dad!
Father: I don’t (understand) know, son!
Bangalore Mirror’s New Assignment!
Son: The Lokayukta Justice Shivraj Patil had to resign his post following the exposures made by the tabloid Bangalore Mirror, dad.
Father: True. Go on, son.
Son: The tabloid had reported that Patil and his family owned several sites in contravention of house building cooperative society rules, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: The Karnataka Government is said to be thinking on an innovative idea for appointment of a new justice in place of Patil, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: The Government will first shortlist three persons for the post and then ask them to obtain a clearance certificate from the Bangalore Mirror that it has conducted an investigation covering all their personal matters and found them clean, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
No Silly Matters, Please!
Son: The Government is aware that the tabloid is also known for picking up silly matters and trying to make sensational stories out of them, dad.
Father: True. Go on, son.
Son: It had earlier made a big hue and cry on Advocate General Ashok Haranahalli’s conversion of footpath in front of his bungalow into a kennel and Justice Saldanha’s taking of an illegal U-turn in MG Road, etc, dad!
Father: True. Go on, son.
Son: The Government has told the tabloid that it will not view such incidences as disqualification for the Lokayukta’s post, dad.
Father: I don’t know, son!
No Politics for the Governor!
Son: K Rosaiah, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and the new Governor of Tamil Nadu, has stated that he does not like to engage in politics as the head of a state. He was attending a felicitation function in Bangalore, dad.
Father: True. Go on, Son.
Son: Rosaiah seems to be sending some message to another head of a state, who is also from the Congress Party, dad.
Father: Go on, Son.
Son: He knows the present Governor of Karnataka, Bhjaradwaj, has forgotten his role as a Governor and is engaged only in politics and nothing else, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
Do Not Trust the Trustees!
Son: A news report in Deccan Herald says that the Lokayukta police arrested a deputy superintendent of police in Mysore while accepting bribe in a criminal case, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: The deputy SP had agreed to help some trustees of Karunya Charitable Trust facing cheating charges, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: The SP had already accepted bribe of Rs4 lakh and had asked for another Rs25,000, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: But the trustees cheated him by reporting him to Lokayukta police who caught him red-handed, dad.
Father: Go on, son.
Son: The SP now says that he committed a mistake by trusting the trustees, dad!. It seems he had forgotten that they were  already involved in a cheating case, dad!
Father: I don’t know, son!
A V Krishnamurthy
27th September 2011


Narain said...

The institution of Lok Ayuktha itself has become an abundant source of wisecracks in our society! I wish a large number of people read this!!

Kiran A K said...

I first have to appreciate the topics that you have chosen and the way you have created humour out of them is just outstanding!!!

karthikey said...

cool light conversation with strong opinions ..
nice piece